Frequently Asked Questions

We love questions so feel free to ask anything if your question isn’t here!


When we book you, will you be the one photographing my wedding?

Yes, I (Michelle!) will be shooting your wedding! The secondary photographer will be another professional photographer who I consider to be just as good with a similar or complimentary style to my own.

Is there a deposit to book you for my wedding?

Yes, there is a $750 deposit and an agreement to reserve us for your wedding day. The remainder of your balance is due 1 month before your wedding. Please keep in mind that until we receive both the deposit and agreement, the date is up for grabs!

How long have you been shooting weddings?

While my study of photography began around 1996, I shot my first wedding in 2002 for a friend. From there, other friends wanted me to shoot their wedding, and their friends and so on. I have shot with other photographers thru the years and I don’t even know how many weddings I have shot…but I would guess it’s in the triple digits somewhere. I officially opened for business in 2008 and plan to be around for a long, long time!

How will you and your team dress on my wedding day?

We wear all black, professional clothing. This helps us to not stand out, as most wedding professionals wear all black for this and for other reasons as well. We will dress more casual for your portrait sessions.

What are digital negatives?

All of our wedding packages include your digital images on a USB. The USB will contain your edited wedding photos and final portraits in high resolution and watermark free, delivered after the wedding. Though we strongly recommend having wedding photos printed by a professional lab, you are free to make any prints, wherever you choose.

How many photos will I get on the USB?

We don’t limit you to any certain number of wedding photos. We take the photos necessary to document your day. On average, you can expect around 100 images per hour of coverage. So, an 8 hour wedding may end up with around 800 images. Portrait sessions include 15 images of your choice.

We are not models and don’t enjoy being in front of the camera. Will you pose us for our portrait session?

None of our clients are models! All the images in our portfolio are of actual clients. We have never photographed a model nor are our images from any styled shoot! They are 100% REAL! They might make it look easy and natural and like they are having fun, but that is because they are! I will pose and direct you, but I also love capturing what happens in between poses and getting those real moments. Most people need to warm up to the camera in the first few minutes, but we will have fun and you will be able to relax and be yourself in no time! I of course have my own ways of getting couples or brides to relax and to get the real you. We have lots of tips we will send you to prepare for your session.

Since I will receive the digital negatives, what is the print credit for?

I include a print credit on every wedding package so you can experience professional quality prints! I also must insist that any images you may want to display at the wedding, from your engagements and or bridal session be printed by a professional lab. This is due to the low quality work I have seen of my work at weddings and it is a sad, sad sight! It makes me look bad and it just isn’t right to display pro work on low quality prints. So, the print credit will allow you to get this done on the house! You can choose to save some or all of your print credits for after the wedding or even put it towards your wedding album!

Why should I order prints from a professional lab?

We give you the digital negatives so you can make your own decision, but we do recommend that you order prints from a professional lab. Consumer labs like Walgreens, Costco or Target for example, are very inexpensive because they use low quality paper and ink. Your wedding photos will be hung on your walls for a lifetime, and maybe for generations to come. Quality prints are made on archival paper and made to stand the test of time. Our images are calibrated with the lab as well so that is how your prints will look their best. You’d be surprised how different the same image can look if you compared the print from several labs; color, contrast and even sharpness are all different at each lab.

What kind of editing can I expect on my wedding photos?

Every image is carefully edited for lighting and color. Some photos will have in black and white. For close up posed portraits, we do correct obvious blemishes and whiten teeth on several images. Some have requested me to make them look skinny, or remove something from a photo or fix makeup, etc. Things like that are considered retouching and is not included, but can be done on request. Retouching requests are normally priced around $20 each.

How long will it take for my wedding photos to get processed?

Generally, it takes 4-6 weeks to process your wedding photos. After a careful sorting, every image is color corrected to perfection!

What is a “First Look”?

A first look is a private moment for the bride and groom to see each other before the ceremony with no one else around, except of course a photographer or two shooting from a distance! This is a very personal decision to have one or not, but you should consider the benefits. If you do a first look, we can shoot all of your portraits, unrushed, before the ceremony, taking advantage of good light. After the ceremony, you can go right to your reception and actually enjoy cocktail hour… if you even need one since you aren’t taking an hour for photos! Generally, it takes an hour to shoot your formal and casual portraits. So if you don’t see each other beforehand, plan on that amount of time after the ceremony. A 1st look is recommended if your ceremony will take place after sunset.

Does a first look take away from that moment we first see each other when I am walking down the isle?

Actually, we have done many first looks and have had both bride and grooms get emotional during that as well as when they see each other at the ceremony. This leads us to believe that it does not. Couples have told us that it took the edge off and allowed them to really soak in the ceremony and their vows better. I’ve never heard of anyone regretting it and we can’t come up with any cons to doing one. It’s only a matter of personal preference and if it’s right for you.

How does your photo booth work?

Our photo booth is so inexpensive because it is not your typical print-on-the-spot in a little box type of photo booth. Our setup is referred to as an Open-Air Photo Booth. This means there is no box or booth. You will be able to see the photographer. We set up a backdrop of your choice, complete with flattering lighting and fun props shot by a real photographer. We need about a 10×10 area. The benefits of this type of photo booth include:

  • Edited photos!
  • You can fit lots of people for bigger group shots!
  • A real person is there to take the photos when you are ready!
  • All the edited photos are included on your USB with the your wedding photos!
  • Free downloads for your guests!
  • See your photos pop-up on a 17″ screen!

Read more about our photo booths here