Put The Pinterest Down and Step Away

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Give me a chance to explain! I love Pinterest as much as the next girl! Isn’t it great to live in an era when you can plan your wedding with the help of Pinterest? I used it while planning my own wedding! Just one image gave me inspiration for my entire wedding theme. That’s the trick though; use it for inspiration and then just stop looking at it. You will drive yourself and those around you crazy with second guessing your ideas, colors, dress and theme. Whats worse still, is to present your photographer with a list of amazing photos you’d love to recreate. Pinterest is filled with the most amazing wedding images from thousands of different weddings. Maybe that one shot took several minutes to get right, and many I’ve seen don’t even look like real weddings, but a styled shoot. The horror! We’ve all been duped! We don’t typically have the luxury of time when getting portraits of you and your love on your wedding day so it’s best to let us shoot what makes sense for you on your wedding day. Let’s get unique images that everyone else will want!

I’ve had a personal experience that sent me copying shot after shot a bride found on Pinterest and it was so hectic and just so ridiculous. We had to make special trips to get certain shots just for the sake of the photo. It wasn’t somewhere they were hanging out so it was just so strange and made the day so stressful for all. I learned my lesson and so did that couple and wedding party. Let me save you from repeating their mistake.

If there is something you’ve got your heart set on, I’m open to discussing it and see if we can do that for you, but we really need time to get organic shots too.

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