Just say NO to laser lights

I’d like to address lighting. Some may dismiss it, but it’s so important to photography. If you want amazing photos, the camera needs light and we can only shoot what is there.

First though, we need to talk about those little laser lights we all see at receptions. You know, those little red & green dots that project all over the room. Some may even have cute little designs. Besides making everyone in your photos appear diseased, these seemingly harmless lights can actually kill our camera sensors…ruining your irreplaceable wedding photos in the process. For this reason, we cannot shoot around these lights at all. Please discuss this with your DJ. We cannot be surprised and have them turn these lights on suddenly during a big moment like the first dance, which happens. More and more DJs are becoming aware of this, but it still may surprise some. Unfortunately, they have invested quite a lot into these lasers so it really is a shame and we don’t like being a party pooper. It’s best if this request comes straight from you to your DJ.

<< The photo to the left has beautiful uplighting around the entire room. Only the lasers are ruining this particular shot.

 Okay, back to fun lighting! 


Here are some beautiful lighting examples using uplighting, pin lights, wall and ceiling patterns and even a fog machine! As I stated earlier, I can only shoot what is there. I do add some flash lighting, but that will not add all those fun colors and it’s only seen when I snap a photo. What you need is mood lighting. Any other non-laser lighting that DJs use and uplighting is more than fine; it’s recommended! Lighting creates a mood and makes everything — including your centerpieces, cake, tables, etc. — look better. It can transform a dark and otherwise plain event space into something else entirely. Professional lighting is not as expensive as you may think and in our humble opinion it is worth every penny.

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