Bridal Session Tips!

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If you are having fun and enjoying the experience, that will translate on camera! This will not be a stuffy, boring session. We will need to pose you of course and give direction, but we also like to have fun and get those spontaneous, in-between-pose moments too! I have my own ways of getting you to loosen up and have fun, but a great shoot is a group effort! While an engagement session is about your chemistry and interaction, a bridal session is about showing you off; your beauty inside and out and of course that gorgeous dress! Don’t be afraid to be stunning! Feel free to change it up, have fun and be goofy or sexy… if that is you! Trust in me and just go with it! This type of shoot will have a lot more direction from me when compared to the engagement session. If there is anything specific you are looking for or any particular theme, lets discuss that in advance! Be prepared for your session to last 1-2 hours. Scroll down for tips…

bridal tips update

What to bring

  • 1-2 people to help carry your stuff and help with your dress and touch up your lip color or blot away shine. Bring people who will pay attention to you and not get lost in their phones or their own conversations. They should be good helpers who can focus and help you relax.
  • if it’s hot, bring some tissues for blotting sweat… cold water is also a great idea!
  • bouquet – Not a must have, but this is great to have something for your hands to do and a great addition of color. Also a perfect opportunity to make sure you love the bouquet you have ordered for your wedding. However, it doesn’t have to be a replica of what you will carry on your wedding day. Your florist may be able to throw something together or even do a replica cheaper (maybe no charge!) or Central Market/HEB can even do them starting at $30. Maybe some gathered wild flowers or simple baby’s breath will do the trick…so many possibilities! If doing yourself, avoid all flowers with staining pollen! Research!
  • your gown (ha!), undergarments, veil, balero/wrap, shoes, engagement ring and other jewelry, hair accessories, etc
  • extra bobby pins
  • touchup lip color, mirror


If you don’t know where you want your photos taken, lets talk about it! Think about your gown and wedding style/theme and what locations may fit that best. Be aware of what the terrain is like and the level of difficulty of navigating it in your gown & shoes. You may consider bringing your reception shoes or just some flip flops for walking in or even for shots that don’t show your feet. I have a small sheet to help keep your dress clean and some brides will bring their own sheets too. I would caution against using one at all though, as it takes so much longer to set a new pose and your dress will pick up some light dirt on the wedding day anyway. If you will have it cleaned before the wedding day then lets definitely skip the sheet! I wouldn’t risk putting you in an area that could stain your dress, but with a white or nearly white gown, you just have to accept some dirt, usually just on the underneath where no one will see anyway. That aside though, I know how us ladies can obsess over it; just laying out the facts so you can decide what you are comfortable with. I would love to see a shot of you in your dress so I can suggest some locations. if you have a personal location like a family farm or ranch or anything I’d love to explore that idea! Browse some location ideas here

Be On Time  – Here are things that typically make brides late…

-Hair & Makeup

Plan to have hair and makeup completed an hour before you need it done…and by that I mean the time you need to get going to get to the location and to get dressed. Great practice for the wedding day! Hair & makeup always takes longer than they promise and you don’t want to be flustered because they caused you to run late. If they ask you when your shoot is, tell them an hour earlier!

-The Dress

At this point, you may have only had the bridal salon pros get you in your bridal gown. Some dresses are super easy while others require a guide to putting it all together! For your portrait session, either have the bridal salon dress you or someone that has helped you in your dress before. This can be difficult if they don’t know what they are doing and will only cause you stress. Great practice for the wedding day! Allow enough time for trial and error.


Allow a little extra time for traffic, parking, paying admission, etc


Do have fun! I want this to be a great experience for you and to those you bring to the session. This is such a special time so soak it up!

Do you! You don’t need tons of extra makeup. Be you, just enhanced :)

Do discuss any concerns, wants and do-not-wants prior to the shoot


Do Not

Do not spray tan…orange is not a good look.

Do not chew gum :)

Do not bring someone that will try and dictate your session – that’s a real creativity sucker! Trust in me and let me do my thang.

Do not bring a list of images from Pinterest (or elsewhere) that you’d like to recreate. Pinterest is great for inspiration, but we simply cannot do this. If there is something you’ve got your heart set on, lets discuss it in advance.

 After Your Session

About a week after your session, you should receive an e-mail with a password protected link to see your proofs. These proofs are color corrected so you can select which 15 images you want fully edited to keep for all eternity and print til your hearts content! Editing may include: light airbrushing, fix blemishes, remove hair or unwanted bulges here and there and each image is usually in color and black and white. Then, you will receive the digital files along with your wedding images. Want more than 15? Keep in mind that you can order prints from your proofs for a year, but you can purchase additional digital files so you can print multiple times on your own.


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